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This January of 2020 we celebrated the first New Year in 40 years that NWA is abortion center free; making Northwest Arkansas a safer place for moms and their unborn babies!  God blessed us with a beautiful day (a little chilly, but blue skies and sunny), and approximately 300 people (from babies in strollers to grandparents) came out to celebrate the gift of life. 

Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse gave an inspiring speech about the many pro-life legislative advances in Arkansas and informing us that we are the 2nd most pro-life state in the country.   He emphasized, however, that laws don't change hearts.  We MUST reach out to people individually and be a witness for Christ to the heart.  

Judge Joseph Wood gave his powerful testimony sharing that one winter night in Chicago he was left in a box as a newborn on the steps of an apartment complex.  He was later adopted and raised by a good and loving family and is a highly educated judge in Washington County, a true inspiration to us all.  He continues to be a beautiful witness for our churches and neighborhoods.

NWA Respect Life would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that participated and helped make our March for Life a success.  We look forward to next year!

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