Rogers Planned Parenthood is planning to begin offering Pill Induced Abortions beginning in Spring 2022.  It is absolutely critical that we as a Pro Life Community stand together and are public witnesses for LIFE!  We urge you to sign up for our 40 Days 365 Prayer Campaign and pray in front of the Rogers Planned Parenthood location! 

Women deserve better than abortion, they deserve better than feeling like abortion is their only choice!  Our Pro Life Community is here to show these mothers that they DO have another choice and that choice is to CHOOSE LIFE for their child!  We are here to help them and be there for them!  The time is NOW to show up for LIFE and to tell Planned Parenthood that they are not welcome in Rogers!  


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2022 NWA March for Life 

  • Sunday, January 16, 2022 at 2PM

  • Rogers City Hall to St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church


The March for Life is an annual event for pro-life advocates to publicly gather and march to call for the end to abortion. Join us to March from the head of government in the city of Rogers, past the Planned Parenthood and to the parking lot of St Vincent de Paul church for prayer, speakers and music.

A bus will be available at the end to shuttle people back to their vehicles at the starting location.

Let’s show Planned Parenthood that they are not welcome in NWA!  


Procession of Roses

January 15th, 2022

7-8pm @ New Hope Assembly of God - Rogers, Ar


Please join us for the 2022 Procession of Roses as we commemorate all of the innocent lives lost to abortion since Roe v. Wade in 1973.Please sign up for the year that you or your child were born.  Please limit sign ups to 2 per family.


 40 Days for Life was a HUGE Success!  Thank you to all who volunteered their time and prayers! Nationwide 588 babies were saved from abortion over the past 40 days! 


Death Penalty Public Forum
with guest panelist Sheila Pursell

On April 15, 2017, Public Discussions NWA held a forum entitled "What if We Could Save  the Lives of Eight Men?  Or Should the State of Arkansas Execute Them?"  NWA Director, Sheila Pursell, presented ALL life is sacred and the right to human life should be supported from conception to natural death due to the inherent goodness of persons.  The facts that the cost of executions are far more substantial than life in prison with out parole, it is not proven that the death penalty deters crime and that the death penalty often prolongs the suffering of the victims family and friends were also discussed. 

Please pray for the victim's loved ones and the 8 men on death row in Arkansas.

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